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Learn how to find more prospects, close more deals and make more money!

  • Developing a message to attract your ideal customers.
  • Learn how to overcome your fear of rejection.
  • Discover an effective sales process to close more deals!
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Free Sales Coaching, Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist

Donald Kelly has a deep understanding of how to connect, persuade and read individuals. These skills open the doors to a positive sales experience. He is a pro and all can take a page out of his book!

Donald Kelly is a bright, insightful and innovative coach and consultant that has the ability to work across a broad range of sales mentoring with considerable expertise. He is a catalyst for coaching emerging sales talent with a willingness to share what he learns & what produces the best results for other high achievers. Donald brings a rare combination of integrity, high energy and fun to everything I have seen him pursue. When you are working with Donald you know you have the Sales Evangelist in your corner & you can too can Do Big Things! In short - avoid working with Donald at all costs if your goal is to struggle with mediocre sales results.