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TSE Hustler's League

Weekly group sales coaching and mastermind for dedicated sales professionals and entrepreneurs!

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Our summer semester begins in....

Here is what you will learn this semester

  • 1

    June 22-Week 1: Top 3 Issues Causing Poor Closing Rate

  • 2

    June 29-Week 2: Pre-Call Planning & Execution

  • 3

    July 6-Week 3: How To Sell The Way Your Prospects Buy

  • 4

    July 13-Week 4: Understanding Your Customer & Creating A Proper Buyer Persona

  • 5

    July 20-Week 5: Crafting A Message Your Prospects Will Understand & Believe In

  • 6

    July 27-Week 6: How To Fully Gain The Trust Of Your Buyer

  • 7

    Aug 3-Week 7: Creating A Unique Differentiating Factor

  • 8

    Aug 10-Week 8: The Secret To Early Stage Deal Closing

  • 9

    Aug 17-Week 9: Creating An Experience For Buyers Early In The Sales Process

  • 10

    Aug 24-Week 10: Mastering The Art Of Asking Meaningful Sales Questions

  • 11

    Aug 31-Week 11: How To Create Urgency Without Being Pushy

  • 12

    Sept 7-Week 12: Make It Easy For Buyers To Buy From You

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Tell me if this sounds like you too...

Whether you are brand new to sales, a seasoned sales professional or an entrepreneur. You are responsible for generating revenue and making money for your organization. Even when you're having a hard time not makes sales. 

I know, I have been there too. Does any of these sounds like you as well? 

-Feel like you're just spinning your wheels and never getting any sales

-You have a fear of rejection

-Annoyned that your don't offer ANY effective sales training

-Tired of not being able to find new prospects

-Frustrated because you don't know how to convert prospects over the phone

-Everyone you speak with is either "not interested" or they "don't have it in their budget"

-You feel like you've plateaued in your selling career

-You don't have the drive you once had to sell

-You tried to do social selling on Linkedin or Twitter but it's not working

-You and your salespeople are losing too many deals "because of price"

So, what is TSE Hustler's League all about?

This is an online group coaching and mastermind dedicated to helping new and inexperienced sellers generate more qualified leads, effectively establish value and close more deals. We meet weekly for a 1 hour live webinar training taught by myself or one of my sales expert guests.

Trainings are broken into 12 weeks semesters to offer a clear start and ending. This helps members stay focused and help them plan more effectively. Each semester we focus on one of the most common challenges holding sellers back from being successful.

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Check Out What Other People Are Saying

Linda H. Yates Executive & Business Potential Coach

“Donald Kelly has a deep understanding of how to connect, persuade and read individuals. These skills open the doors to a positive sales experience. He is a pro and all can take a page out of his book!”

Linda H. Yates Executive & Business Potential Coach, L H. Yates Consulting
Joseph Villegas

Donald Kelly, the Sales Evangelist, has helped me with my first sales interview right out of college and I am happy to report I impressed the heck out of the employers! I would recommend Donald Kelly's advice for any of you looking to break into sales and sales interviews.

Joseph Villegas, Sales Professional
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Story Time...

Well, I have good news. Our TSE Hustler's League will help you solve those problems! Let me tell you how…

I've been in your shoes and I know that it doesn't feel good. In fact, one of the most frustrating times in my selling career was when I first started. Every day I felt stuck. I had no direction and was always spinning my wheels on every call. I wasn't making the commission I needed to and money was low. Things got so bad that I had to borrow money from my mom to pay rent! It felt horrible.

Worst of all, I didn't know how to improve! I did everything you're doing. I read books, I watched YouTube videos, I tried to mimic others, but nothing was working. I didn't have access to cool sales podcasts like you do.

It wasn't until I actually started getting sales training that the lightbulb came on. I saw massive improvements in my selling skills almost immediately. Along with sales training, I earned membership in a weekly "Presidents Club".

I  had an expert sales trainer and a class full of other top performing sellers to learn from. Here were some of the benefits:

1. I was able to learn from some of the best salespeople in my area

2. I gained access to hyper focused weekly sales trainings

3. I had the benefit to a peer group/sounding board, who helped me stay accountable

That training and access to the Presidents Club was a game changer for me. It was an investment worth over $7,000 per salesperson each year! (Luckily my company invested in me and paid for it)

In no time, that money was repaid through my improved performance. I was no longer spinning my wheels. I started to close bigger accounts than I ever had before. I remember closing my first account well over $60,000. It was amazing! I was no longer stalling out. I knew what to say, how to say it and when to say it. Most importantly, I knew how to generate results!

Destinee Walker

From people to sales to entrepreneurship, Donald Kelly just gets it. I initially hired Donald to help hone my salesmanship and quickly discovered his knowledge extends well beyond sales. As I enter the initial stages of launching my own company, Donald  has become a sounding board, business consultant and trusted advisor. He takes the time to identify and truly understand my goals and challenges and offers relevant and innovative ideas that will help me to achieve long term success. Donald is an effective communicator ready to share his vast tool box of resources, knowledge and strategies with anyone looking to improve their sales techniques and business practices. From the novice sales person to the established entrepreneur, Donald has something to offer everyone.

Destinee Walker, Sales Professional

Here is what I'm proposing....

What if I was able to replicate my Presidents Club experience for you for a fraction of the price? This is exactly what I'm proposing. Here is what you can expect as a member:

TSE Hustler's League Group Sales Coaching and Mastermind:

1. Training from sales experts

2. Interactive web training focusing on specific challenges you're facing

3. Peer-to-peer accountability and motivation

4. Group discussions and learning

5. Access to an archive of past webinars

6. One-on-One time with Donald (Classroom hours)

7. Monthly group competition and spiff challenges

In TSE Hustlers You Will Discover...

  • Group Training

    Group training is always a great way of maximizing learning experiences. Members of TSE Hustler’s League will enjoy bi-weekly training from sales experts and me. Each webinar will be jam-packed with key insights designed to motivate each seller.

  • Group Competitions

    As salespeople, we’re naturally competitive. Each month, members will compete to reach personal sales goals and also other group challenges. Winners will be able to earn cool spiffs (won’t tell you what they are yet) and bragging rights.

  • Private Community

    As a member of TSE Hustler’s League, you will always have a group of people to interact with. People to celebrate wins with and learn how to overcome objections. We’re here to help each other get motivated and do BIG THINGS!

  • Peer-to-Peer Accountability

    There is something about making a goal and having someone follow up with you that pushes you to do that goal. As a member of TSE Hustler’s League, you will enjoy peer-to-peer accountability. You will also appreciate the excitement the community brings.

  • One-on-One

    There is nothing like a good one-one-one connection. Members will have the opportunity to schedule 15min office time to connect with me to receive clarification on trainings, get motivation, have a little one-on-one chat to help with personal accountability, etc.

  • Webinar

    Unlike my weekly Presidents Club membership, members of TSE Hustler’s League will have the ability to gain access to past training. Review information missed and browse through an archive of past topics. You can access on-demand training.

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Here is what it will look like when you register...

The first thing you will need to do upon clicking on the registration link it so complete the simple new member registration application. After completing the form you and I will schedule a quick new member interview. This call will give us both an opportunity to get to know each other. I will be able to answer additional questions you may have. It will also provide a unique opportunity for you to see if the program is a good fit.


After acceptance into the program, you will receive an email to complete your registration with payment option, create a username and password. I will personal welcome you into the group and provide the semester syllabus and game plan. 

Each semester we’ll have a focused topic for our training. You will set personal goals and a plan on how you will implement the training. During the following week, you'll have the opportunity to share your successes/challenges, take part in role plays and participate in group discussions on Facebook.

Periodically I will bring on expert guests who will offer insightful training, engage with the community, and answer members’ questions. 

Let me go deeper...

Interactive webinar trainings focusing on specific challenges you're facing:

As kids, we've heard "to treat others the way you would like to be treated". Well, in sales I've learned to treat others the way "they would like to be treated". With this understanding, my goal is to offer training focused on topics important to you! This will require me to get your feedback on specific challenges affecting you the most. This way I can truly organize content you want and need the most.

Peer-to-peer accountability and motivation:

Iron sharpens iron. That statement is so true when it comes to sales improvement and success. Within TSE Hustler's League, members will have opportunities to take part in peer-to-peer accountability. You'll also have the privilege of receiving motivation from other members who have found success.

Participate in peer-to-peer discussion

A place to celebrate your wins and successes

Sounding board to gain multiple insights on challenges you're facing

Being able to take part in group accountability

Receiving motivation and encouragement from your peers

Enjoy the comradery of being a member with other passionate sellers driven to achieve personal success

Access to an archive of past webinars: 

Now, I know that life happens and things will come up that will prevent you from coming to each meeting. Well, don't you worry about that. Members will have exclusive access to a recording of past sessions during the semester. Or maybe you took part in a session and want to watch it again. No problem. You'll be able to browse past sessions at your leisure. I feel we can call that "training on demand". What do you think?

Get Personal One-on-One Coaching

ScheduleSo what if you're having a difficult time and need a little more help with a topic we discuss in a weekly webinar? Well, don't worry. Members of TSE Hustler's League gets personal one-on-one coaching as need. This way we can ensure everyone has the opportunity for personal success. Cool huh?

I started The Sales Evangelist organization with the idea of helping salespeople get past the headaches I had. TSE Hustler's League was developed with that purpose in mind. As a member of Presidents Club, I was challenged and had accountability with my peers. I received training and I had experts who could help and guide me. I want to give you the opportunity to do this as well and help improve your sales hustle.

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So how do I join?

That's the easy part. Unlike my Presidents Club experience, your investment will NOT be $7K. Membership is only $112.00 per month. That's it! Join and immediately start taking part in the value the group has to offer. The moment you feel you're not getting the value you deserve, you can end your membership. But I'm confident you'll enjoy the group and the value membership has to offer.

Before getting access to something like the TSE Hustler's League, I had to rely on my own skills to sell. I wasn't closing enough business, my morale was low and my confidence was non-existing. What my Presidents Club experience did for me was far above what I was capable of doing on my own. It was a dramatic game changer!

Annual Membership
$1,210One Full Year (4 semesters)
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    Pay for the whole year in full and enjoy all 4 semesters and receive 10% off each semester.

    One Semester Membership
    $336One Full Semester (12 weeks)
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      Don't worry about monthly payments. Pay for the semester in full (12 weeks) and get lifetime access.

      Gain access to all the community has to offer as a member of TSE Hustler's League

      So how do I join?


      • q-iconWhat if I can't make a session?

        If for some reason you’re unable to make a session, no worries. We will record each session and add them to our archive within 24 hours.

      • q-iconIf I miss the first month, can I still join the semester?

        Yes, since each session is recorded, you can join later and pay for the semester in full and enjoy the past sessions.

      • q-iconCould I just pay for one full year of membership at once at a reduced rate?

        Yes. Upon signing up, members have the option of paying for one full year of membership at a reduced, annual tuition rate. You will receive 10% off the traditional monthly investment.

      • q-iconHow will I know about upcoming guests?

        Inside the membership area, you’ll be able to see a list of upcoming guests. As a member you will also receive email notifications of upcoming sessions, topics and guests.

      • q-iconAm I able to cancel my membership at any time?

        Yes, as a member, you’re free to cancel at any time. Although it would be a bummer to see you go, we understand that life comes with challenges and situations may change. We want you to do what is best for you.

      • q-iconHow long is each training session?

        Each training session will last about 1 hour.

      • q-iconAre these trainings online?

        Yes, all of our trainings are online. For each session, you will get an email with a link to jump on the webinar.

      • q-iconCould I get my company to pay for this?

        Yes, many companies allow for professional development and will offer a reimbursement each month of membership. We can provide monthly invoices as needed.

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